"In april 2023 myself and a friend of mine - french director Neels Castillon were invited by Bowmore to spend some time in Islay in Scotland in order to create a video accompanying the song: The Boat inspired by the unique nature of the island and its spirit. I took it as a nice opportunity to revisit my thoughts on the song to find the right visual language for such a fragile tune of mine. We decided to focus not only on the image but also on sounds surrounding us that we ultimately recorded and included into the original track. I was mesmerized by the Scottish landscape and its welcoming atmosphere which made me see "the boat" from a very different perspective." HANIA RANI

Director — Neels Castillon
Production Company — Motion Palace
Producer — Louis Arnoux
Executive Producer — Ariane Cornic
Production Coordinator — Sandrine Laveau
Cinematographer — Eric Blanckaert
1st AC — Matthias Gaume
Drone Pilot — Nicolas Gaillard
Art Director — Vincent Perrin
Sound Engineer / Live Record — Alexandre Le Mouroux
Project Coordinator — Nichola Downs
Chef — Olivia Burt
Artist Manager — Carlo Garrè
Editor — Sebastien Rouquet & Vincent Duluc
Colorist — Sylvain Canaux @St-Louis
Camera & Lens — RVZ
Sound Recording Equipment — MadLoc

behind the scene with a Fuji GA645