Paradis on Earth is a deep ranging collaboration which explores the meeting of minds between the virtuoso talents of Alicia Keys and Lang Lang, bringing together the shared values of culture and beauty for a moment of pure emotion, sensation, and contemplation.

Paradise lies in moments suspended in bliss, a universal celebration of harmony and the “raison d’être” for Hennessy’s crown jewel of cognac, Paradis. On this journey, Hennessy Paradis turns back to its inspirational beginnings grounded in music.

The film series, shot in Utah and directed by Neels Castillon, reflects the intricate elegance of Hennessy’s craft in a musical voyage for the mind and soul, which blends the joy of music and poetry, with the bliss of nature.

Seated at two pianos, in the stunning remote desert setting of Paradis Canyon, the legendary artists unleash the power of their shared musical inspirations, taking the first steps on an incredible journey towards Paradis, with music and poetry composed by Alicia Keys, and layered by Lang Lang.

directed by Neels Castillon

talents — Alicia Keys & Lang Lang

executive Producer — Debbie Garvey
producer — Holly Wolfers
production Manager — Boris Franchi
production Manager — Lily Moore

client — Hennessy
CEO — Laurent Boillot
editions rares director — Alice Dietlin
senior global marketing manager — Marie Cessot
marketing director —  Charlotte Joyeux
brand Manager — Vanille Moretti

agency — Good People Wander
co-founder / creative director — Loic Le Bihan
co-Founder / strategy director — Aurelie Gaillard
senior art directors — Sion Phillips and Hanna Labeyrie
agency producer — Carla Bradley

cinematography  — Olan Collardy
fpv drone pilot — Benoit Finck
stylist —  Imruh Asha
tailor — Anh Duong
stylist assistant — Aroua Ammari

photographer — Viviane Sassen

production company — RSA Films / Ridley Scott Creative Group
president — Luke Ricci
executive producer — John Nguyen
producer — Jil Hardin
production supervisor —  Kathy Palmer
assistant production supervisor — Natasha Suarez
travel coordinator —  Ellen Burns
DOT coordinator — Natacha Barbieri
1st assistant director — Guy Forgaard
2nd assistant director — Amanda Johnson
SAG Rep — Kili Maile

post-production — Motion Palace
producer — Louis Arnoux
editor — Sébastien Rouquet
colourist — Sebastien Mingam

VFX studio — Nightshift
post producer — Elise Dutartre
post producer — Eleonore Courcoux
VFX Supervisor — Cyril Chantereault
VFX Supervisor — Patrick Bennar
additional editor — Thomas Penot & Victor Vnuk
flame artist — Vivien Salvagione
flame artist — Alicia Boinot
after effects artist — Mael Gaumont
after effects Artist — Juan Sotelo

music production & sound design — Benzene Paris
head of music & sound — Grégoire Musso
music editing & additional production — Grégoire Musso
music & sound producer — Heather MacFarlane
sound design & mix — Loïc Canevet

steadicam — Tom Fedak
1st AC — Corey Bringas
1st AC — Ricky Escalante
2nd AC — Daniel "Ash" Asmelash
DIT — Zack Marchinsky
VTR — Eugene Reyes
sound — Doug Pearson
wifi tech — James Song

drone camera Op — Brian Wulf
techno crane Op — Nico Bally
techno crane head — Miles Lewis
techno crane tech — Marcin Czwalga

gaffer — Warren Purfoy
best boy electric — Markus Fields
electric Mitch Pratt
electric — Mina Stollery
electric — Brant Beland
electric — Alex Szuch
electric — Steven "Andy" Carazo
electric — Raul Morales
electric driver — Jorge Covarrubias
balloon Light Tech — Paul Fanning
399 Generator Driver — Tony Mcgrath

key grip — Carlos Escobar
best boy grip — Sam Excobar
grip — Erik Martin
grip — Ben Blum
grip — Jack John Serino
grip — Andre Prikazchikov
grip — Brandon Escobar
hyphen / driver — Brian Cooper
hyphen / driver — Devon Zemp

production designer — Jay Pooley
art coordinator shoot — Paula Thompson
hyph leadman — Madison Giessmann
399/44 — Sylvio Scillone
399/44 —  Jonathan "finn" Bleser
prop master — Jeremy Bentivegna
assistant props — Bobby Stevens
2nd props / onset — Albert Moreno
3rd Props — Luz Valdivia
prop Maker — Roberto Torres
SFX Lead — John Peterson
SFX Assistant — Matt Guthrie
PA Runner - LA — Sydney Freed

safety Coordinator — TJ White
safety Rigger — Tim James
safety Rigger — Mark Weinhandl
wilderness safety responder — Micah Young
set medic — Angelo Ghiglieri

bts films directed by MOM 
assisted by Chuck Roque

location Manager — David Lapidus
site Rep — Kelly Stowell
catering/399 — Alfanso Barrientos
catering/399 — MagdaLeno Cisneros

transport gang Boss — Terrance Martin
Steinway Pianos Mover —  Juan Figueroa
Steinway Pianos Mover — Jorge Arturo Garcia Ochoa
Steinway Pianos Mover — Jose Carrillo
Steinway Pianos Tech —  Luke Taylor
Steinway Pianos Vinyl — Sino Tuor

storyboard — 

behind the scene with a Fuji GA645