間 MA — The Space between all things

間 (Ma) is an immersive short film created by choreographer Fanny Sage and director Neels Castillon. The film explores the essence of Japanese aesthetic and concept called 間 (Ma) — the pure and essential void between all "things." It has been described as a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space. '間 (Ma) is the fundamental time and space life needs to grow.'

The film was shot in February 2020 in the cold and pure Icelandic winter.

written & directed by Neels Castillon

original idea & choreography by Fanny Sage
music — 'Wolf' by Awir Leon
production company — Motion Palace
cinematographer — Eric Blanckaert
1st assistant camera — Kévin Rosé
sound design & mix — Yann Rouquet
editor — Neels Castillon
colorist — Arthur Paux
producer — Emilie Mallen
producer — Louis Arnoux
production manager — Kiljan Paoli
executive producer — Ariane Cornic
production coordinator — Sandrine Laveau
production service — Comrade Films
post-production — Motion Palace
camera and lenses — RVZ

behind the scene with a Leica M