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' If there is an easy way to do something, Benjamin Carle does not do it. So when the Frenchman wanted a sandwich, it was out of the question to buy one from his local boulangerie. Instead, he set out to make one from scratch. From sowing the wheat to produce flour, to baking the bread, to building a vegetable garden on a Paris rooftop and fishing for tuna, to raising chickens for eggs. Ten months later, Carle, 30, had his sandwich, which he insisted tasted all the better for the effort expended to make it. He also claimed the exercise revealed a modern-day existential truth: that the millennial generation is engaged in a desperate search for something to do with their hands.' 
The Guardian

feature documentary, 91 min
written by Benjamin Carle
directed by Neels Castillon, Félix Seger & Benjamin Carle
production manager — Jérôme Schwab
executive producer — Alexandre Amiel
production company — Caméra Subjective
cinematography — Félix Seger & Neels Castillon
creative direction — Motion Palace
editing — Jessica Babinard
sound—  Alex Le Mouroux, Yves Bagot, Hyacinthe Lapin
vfx — Thibaut Koralewski, Anthony Lassus
graphic design — Arthur Turpin
motion design —  Kévin Fafournoux
original score — Grégoire Musso
color grading — Sébastien Mingam