Soleil Pâle

A majestic improv dance duet across the Parisian skyline.

"Director Neels Castillon captures the floating poetry of instinctive and improvised dance in his latest collaboration with composer Hania Rani. Soleil Pâle combines cascading music with a performance by Alt Take, a contemporary dance duo based in Paris.

The fading embers of the sun over Paris give Marion Barbeau and Simon Le Borgne— the duo who make up Alt Take—an ephemeral glow; their bodies communicating in a majestic but temporary language.

The project was born from a desire to experience the here and now, to remain in the present and let the future unfold at its own pace. The statement accompanying the release says: "Music, dance and image express this one fleeting moment that cannot be repeated again, born out of trust, movement and intuition."  NOWNESS

directed by Neels Castillon

music — Hania Rani
dancers — Marion Barbeau & Simon Le Borgne
producer — Louis Arnoux
production company — Motion Palace
stylism — Repetto