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' Every time I go back to Sardinia to visit my family, I see this abandoned building in front of the sea. I felt it was the perfect place for Léo Walk and his choreographic imagination to perform, surrounded by the ruins, the surreal light of the costa verde and the intense voice of Mercedes Sosa. It creates this subtle feeling between vitality and melancholy that I wanted to express in this film. Sit back and enjoy! '

Behind the scenes ☞
Shot in Todd AO anamorphics + Red Helium 8K.
Sardinia, September, 2017.
dancerLéo Walk
director Neels Castillon
cinematographer Eric Blanckaert
1st AC Kevin Rosé
1st AD • Sébastien Rouquet
BTS video Thibaut Koralewski
location manager Alessandro Usai
production company
executive producer Ariane Cornic
producer Marie-Gabrielle Glock
production coordinator Sandrine Laveau
post-production Mikros Image
colourist Sébastien Mingam
vfxAnthony Lassus
operations manager Nicolas Daniel
sound productionBenzene
sound design Loic Cavenet
sound mixHugo Escuriol
music Mercedes Sosa - Alfonsina Y El Mar
camera & lenses RVZ
Special thanks to Angèle Van Laeken, Lucie Delaye, Thomas Pallas, Samuel Renollet, Frédéric Lombardo, Cédric Dauch, J.M Weston, Franca Usai, B&B La Magnolia, Jean-Lin Roig, Adrien Kamir, Maja Unrug, Alberto Porcedda.
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